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Many classmates have inquired about a survey of our classmates to ascertain some facts. This is our first attempt to survey the class on some minor issues.

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1)   Favorite Musical Group of 1965

  The Beach Boys
  The Beatles
  The Byrds
  Petula Clark
  Bob Dylan
  The Four Tops
  Freddie and the Dreamers
  Gary Lewis and the Playboys
  Herman's Hermits
  The McCoys
  Barry McGuire
  The Righteous Brothers
  Sam the Sham
  Sonny & Cher
  The Supremes
  The Righteous Brothers
2)   Who was your favorite Lincoln Hall Teacher?

3)   Did you go to the Legion each weekend?

Yes No
4)   What did you do after high school?

  Went to college
  Went to trade or vocational school
  Went to work
  Got married and stayed at home
  Joined the Military, Peace Corp, etc.
5)   Did you get married?

Yes No
6)   Are you currently married?

Yes No
7)   Are you planning on attending the 50th reunion on July 25, 2015?

Yes No
8)   Are you presently working or are you retired?

  Working full time
  Working Part Time
9)   Are you interested in helping the committee plan the 50th reunion?

Yes No
10)   What survey questions should we ask in the next survey?

11)   Do you have the contact information for any classmates that have not yet registered on our private Website? Please provide below: