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•   Myron Siegel  11/18
•   Judy Rotter (Weil)  11/18
•   Gary Shaw  11/17
•   Steve Landman  9/21
•   Gail Kaluzna (Hallee Patterson)  7/20
•   Fran Jaeger (Kraus)  6/2
•   Sue Horvitz (Perez)  4/21
•   Judi Klein (Goldstein)  2/25
•   Barry Mark  11/6
•   Larry Gordon  8/29
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•   Jim Braun  4/9
•   Ira Garoon  4/11
•   Lynn Schwartz (Cohen)  4/11
•   Maureen Keene  4/12
•   Steve Landman  4/14
•   Larry Gordon  4/15
•   Pam Koehler  4/15
•   Michele Flack (Esformes)  4/16
•   Shelly Bernstein  5/4
•   Fred Kane  5/7


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Lincoln Hall Junior High School
Class Of 1965


We celebrtaed the marriage of our son Evan to Christina on 10/26/2019. We were so happy because both of them are 35 and both sets of parents thought they would never get married. :)  The other news is my nephew became a Marine! He graduated from Paris Island on Friday, Nov. 15th.


Mary Beth




David Feingold talks about exploring mental health creatively.

Click on the link below to read the article:

The most recent loss of our three classmates, does cause pause.  I have vivid memories of each.  We could do as Linda wonderfully suggested.  Smiles are healing.  In addition, I was recently referred to the following blog by my brother-in-law.  A fun stroll down memory lane. I believe we all have great memories to convey, and the person who started this blog has already receive a plethora of comments.  I absolutely will be adding to it.  Perhaps there's even a way to link it to our class reunion site (I'm certainly not savvy in this department!).  Perhaps a motivator to get us to make our next reunion happen sooner, than later. 

Warm regards to all!

It is so nice to have some positive stuff to post!  Yeah! Our classmate and author Linda (Jacobson) Yellin has suggested that we all send in memories of our grammar school teachers and being the wordsmith that she is, she was kind enough to give us some chuckles in the following:

Miss Mary Mahoney (7th grade!) losing her temper when she walked into the room and we were all making noise. She assigned us to write 500 TIMES the sentence: I must learn to respect and obey the rules and regulations of Rutledge Hall and Room 217. 

I will go to my grave remembering that sentence. The assignment was due the next day. Instead parents showed up to complain. 

My other Miss Mahoney memory...I sat two seats behind Claire Weiner. (Oh, how she loved you, Claire!) She said to Claire - in front of everyone - "Claire, you are a rose among thorns." I remember thinking: Miss Mahoney just called me a thorn...

Mrs. Benson (6th grade) - loved her! Even though she taught history, she had us learn Greek and Latin roots because she thought it was wrong that they weren't taught in our English classes. Phil = love. Del = man. Philadelphia = love of man. (don't tell me if I'm remembering that incorrectly.) We had penpals at another school and had to write to them using the Greek and Latin roots. I'm sure I did much better on my English SATs than I would have because of Mrs. Benson. However, she also told us that if we had nuclear war there would be two things left in the world: cockroaches and Wonder Bread. Because even the cockroaches wouldn't eat Wonder Bread. I still worry about that...

Oh - and Miss Marlene Shevel (I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong...but 4th grade) had lovely long legs. My mom was upset when I went home one day and told her Miss Shevel had prettier legs than my mom's.


This summer, David finished writing a book on his journey through the many challenges of bipolar disorder.  It has been accepted by a publisher and is now going through final edits.  The title of the book is STIGMA:  How society drives people with mental illness crazy.  His background in Visual Design enabled him to also design the cover and interior pages.


This is one of David Feingold's art pieces, which was part of a showing in beautiful downtown Ann Arbor. His work is found on many national and international websites and publications. David's art is part of the disability art movement. The title of his doctoral dissertation in Disability Studies is Beyond Words: Discovering the Bipolar Impaired Self through Visual Imagery. You can view a sampling of David's nearly 400 pieces of art on the following web site: